Hi there,

I’m Rasmus Sellberg.

I am an innovation adviser, board member, and investor.

In my consultancy, I run special projects to define strategies, invent products and services, and facilitate cultural change.

While most of my work is digital at its core, it is always based on insights about a much wider context. My specialty is to find the sweet spot in the intersection of new or complex technology, human needs, and business value.

My experience has allowed me to reach proficiency in all three areas.

You can contact me here.

Process Principles

I’m a passionate believer in that how comes before what. Each project is unique and requires its own approach. Instead of a one-size-fits-all process, I’ve come to depend on three guiding principles for design-centric innovation projects.

1. Collaborate

Involving many different internal, and sometimes external, perspectives in the innovation work widens the spectrum of available knowledge and ideas. Participation leads to ownership which in turn enables implementation.

2. Understand

For product discovery, context is crucial. Market composition, emerging technologies, and business mechanics are all important aspects of that context. But the foundation is the deep understanding of users that comes from qualitative research.

3. Prototype

Whether developing rough concepts or polishing details, prototyping enables the exploration of a wide range of options quickly and cheaply. It is an efficient tool for creating, understanding, prioritizing, and refining ideas. It also reveals new areas to explore.


At 13, I coded assembly, soldered my own add-on hardware, composed music, and designed graphics on the Commodore C64. At 47, I’m still fascinated by the possibilities of technology.

For a long time, I was a co-founder at the digital service design studio Daytona. We did meaningful work — sometimes featured in Fast Company — for well-known brands, and were ranked as a top-3 agency in Sweden for seven years straight. Hiring and working alongside our ~30 world-class strategists, designers, and developers was an invaluable opportunity for me to learn from some of the very best.

At Daytona, I began as Technical Director (2002-2010) before pivoting to Strategy Director (2010-2015). In 2016-17 I ran a successful exit process. Besides the client projects, I was part of the board and management team, responsible for agency BI, and a driving force in major change efforts. I was also responsible for our innovation process (that evolved into principles) — and that I now employ in my consultancy.

I have had side projects, such as co-founding a mobile game studio, founding and then running Svenska podcastpriset (The Swedish Podcasting Awards) for ten years, writing a book, and more.

Since 2017, I advise and run special projects, and occasionally invest.

You can find a more formal resumé on LinkedIn.


I’ve had the fortune of working with many interesting clients, both global and national. They have mainly been within the Telecom, Finance, Media, and Retail sectors.

Bauer Media Group
Filippa K
Marginalen Bank
Nokia Global
3 Sweden